Friends of The Music

Who are the Friends of the Music?

The Friends of the Music at St Mary’s believe that music enriches worship and enables people to experience a deeper sense of the presence of God and the creativity of humanity. Our parish church music making has a long tradition which is evolving in many new ways.
We support our choir and musicians, encouraging children and adults to join, to enjoy and progress in their singing, as they lead regular weekly services and special celebratory events both traditional and contemporary.

A message from our Priest

As a Christian Church the most important thing that we do is to worship God; the second most important thing that we do is to enable others to worship God. At St Mary’s the music that is offered is one of the main ways in which that worship is undertaken, and to nurture that music and the musicians who lead us in it is a noble and vital task.

I hope that when you read this web page and join in the worship which St Mary’s offers through its music, you will be moved to support the ’Friends of the Music at St Mary’s’.

I thank you for your support which will enable us to continue to lift our voices and hearts in worship of the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ, for many years to come.

May God bless you. 

How can you help

(a) By supporting the activities and events we a replanning which will be publicisied in the church, in the local press, church magazine  church website and Facebook page

(b) By  subscribing to our membership scheme

(c) By making suggestions as to further musical events at St Mary’s

For further details and instructions on how you can make a gift please download a copy of our brochure by clicking on the following link:  Brochure downlaod