Funerals are normally arranged by Funeral Directors who will make all bookings and organise everything for you.

If you wish to have a burial in a new grave in the churchyard at St Mary’s, the deceased person must have been resident in the Parish of Old Swinford or on the Electoral Roll of St Mary’s.

Funerals 2020May-SeptOct-April
Basic including verger£281.00£381.00
With Organ£371.00£471.00
With organ followed by burial in churchyard.£672.00£772.00

Click here to see a list of roads which are part of the Parish.

The Diocese of Worcester has issued guidelines for the erection of memorials in the churchyard. 
Please click here for details.

Burial of body in churchyard                        331.00             

 on a separate occasion.

Burial in Cemetery / Cremations                  30.00                

following church service.

Burial of ashes in churchyard                      172.00 

on a separate occasion.

Funeral at the Crematorium.                         206.00