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Your attention is drawn to the following matters:


1                     The law of copyright is complex.   It is most important that it is recognised that neither the incumbent nor the Parochial Church Council has any authority to give copyright permission for the lawful reproduction or recording of any work (literary or musical) which is protected by copyright, or give consent on behalf of any performer or person having an exclusive recording contract.


2                     Certain 'blanket' arrangements have been made to facilitate the recording in church of the texts of the marriage/baptism services.   Without prior application having to be made to the copyright owners, copyright permission, subject to the conditions in paragraph 3, has been given for the recording on either videotape or audiotape of the following material:


Solemnization of Matrimony from The Book of Common Prayer

Solemnization of Matrimony First Series

The Marriage Service in Common Worship

Baptism of Infants from The Book of Common Prayer

Baptism Second Series

The Baptism of Children in Common Worship                

The Psalter in The Book of Common Prayer

The Revised Psalter

The Liturgical Psalter


3                     The conditions on which a tape of the material specified in paragraph 1 may be made without prior application are as follows:


a) No rights in the recording and no copies of it shall be transferred or assigned in consideration of money or money's worth, i.e. the rights in the recording and copies shall not be sold commercially except that the original recording and copies may be sold to the couple or parents who commissioned the recording.


b)      No more than 3 copies of the recording shall be made.


c)      The Recording, including an extract from it, shall not be exhibited in public.


4                     The copyright owners of the material listed in paragraph 2 charge no fee for this permission.


5                     These 'blanket' arrangements and the permission relating to the material specified in paragraph 2 do not extend to any part of the service other than the text of the authorised anthems.    Additional prayers etc are not covered by these permissions and it is your responsibility to obtain permission for such other copyright material which is included in the service.


6                     A fee of £30 towards ongoing costs involved in the upkeep and furbishment of the church is payable to the Parochial Church Council for the incumbent's permission to bring into and to use recording equipment inside the church.


7                     RSCM (Royal School of Church Music) rules state that the organist's fee should be doubled where a video is involved.


8                     You will need to obtain and provide copies of the WVRL (Wedding Video-Recording Licence). Your videographer should have this, but if not, you must make the arrangements yourself through the website The website will allow you to calculate the cost of the licence which depends on:

a) What music you record and when

b)      How many copies of the video you have made


It also explains all legal requirements regarding the recording of music at your wedding and at the reception.


I have read both sides of this notice.   I accept that the incumbent has only given me permission to bring into and to use video equipment inside the church subject to the conditions specified above.   I acknowledge that the incumbent has not given copyright permission or authorized the recording of any material or performance which may be protected by law. I enclose a copy of my licence.


Signed   ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________  Recordist        Date      __________________






 of       …………………………………………………   

on     ………………………………


     1          One fixed camera may be used during the Ceremony.


     2          The camera must be on the balcony of the church.


     3           No extra lighting may be used and there must be no movement or extraneous noise during the Ceremony.


4          During the signing of the Register a camera may be used to record the signing of the Register.


5           During the departure of the Bridal party a camera may be used from a fixed point at the back of church.


6                    It is the recordist's responsibility to obtain necessary licences (the new WVRL, MCPS and/or PRS) for the recording.  You will need to obtain copies of the videographer’s licences or (in the case of these not being available, to apply for them yourself).  Please read the guidance notes overleaf very carefully. A copy of the licence must accompany this form.


7         £30 is payable to the Parochial Church Council, plus an additional fee for the organist to bring and to use recording equipment inside church.


8          The declaration below and on the next page (Guidance Notes) must be signed by the recordist and returned to the incumbent before the day on which the recording is to be made.





Signed   _____________________________      Incumbent






The incumbent has only given me permission to use video recording equipment in the Church as specified above. I have presented copies of the required copyright licences to the incumbent and I acknowledge that the incumbent has not given copyright permission or authorised the recording of material protected by law.




      Signed   __________________________          Recordist



     Date     __________________________



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