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These are the funeral fees for 2017:





May- September






  Basic including verger


With Organ


With Organ followed by burial in the churchyard



















Burial of body in churchyard                        317.00             

 on a separate occasion.

Burial in Cemetery / Cremations                  26.00                

following church service.

Burial of ashes in churchyard                      151.00 

on a separate occasion.

Funeral at the Crematorium.                         182.00 


                                                                                                                                             May- Sep      Oct - April

Standard fee for a service in church including the services of a verger

followed by cremation                                                                                                         £248                 £323

With organist                                                                                                                       £323                 £398

Service in church with organist and verger

followed by burial in the churchyard                                                                                  £588                 £663

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