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Foreign Workers in the Parish of Magdeburg


Since the attack on foreigners on Ascension Day 1994, many people in the municipality and church circles have reflected on the integration of foreigners and changed their attitudes. To the north of the city in the Protestant Hope Community as a consequence of the Ascension Day events a meeting café known as Café Kraehe was opened.


Every day except Fridays and Saturdays mostly women from different countries get together under the slogan “Sting for Sting” to find creative ways of reacting to physical and mental suffering.


Since 1995 about 100 foreign women have woven eight large tapestries (as well as many other textile works)


These carpets were dedicated to Bread for the World, the local women’s clinic (Oncology and Place of Peace), AIDS support in Magdeburg, world hunger support and the parish of Magdeburg.


In addition, foreign guests can learn German in the Hope Community as well as participate in parish celebrations and make contact with German families etc.

With the support of Café Kraehe workers, Reverend Herbst has helped men and women for many years with residency laws, with official courses, with spiritual questions, with moving home etc.


Café Kraehe has meanwhile become well-known. Women from there regularly contribute to city meetings on such subjects as:


  • Greens go foreign (A police-run course).
  • Ascension Day celebrations in the Rotenhorn Park.
  • Tanzanian festival in the Hope Community.
  • Intercultural week every autumn.
  • Benefit concert for a foreigner-friendly Magdeburg.

Contact partner:

Reverend Gabriele Herbst

Protestant Hope Community

Kraehenstig 2

39126 Magdeburg



Tel. (004 ) 391 253 08 81 or (0049) 391 253 20 21

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