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Wedding Information

We are very pleased that you are thinking of getting married at St Mary's. It is a beautiful church and a popular location for weddings, so we have plenty of experience! We aim to make your wedding a truly happy and memorable occasion.

You are probably not sure of how to proceed in terms of booking a date and considering all the options you have in preparing for this very special occasion.

Use the links to help you to make your initial booking as well as planning for the big day.

If you want any more information, you can find it on the Church of England website. Click on the banner below to visit it.

Item Description Price
Weddingday On your Wedding Day
The church will be open well in advance of the time of your wedding. Often the groom's party likes to arrive in good time to get familiar with the surroundings and take a few photographs. A Verger... More Info>>
Item # Weddingday
Afterbook What happens after booking?
After you have booked your wedding and paid your deposit, you will receive a letter confirming the date and time of your wedding. Your details will have been entered into our files and the church... More Info>>
Item # Afterbook
Cert Marriage Certificates
When you get married you will be issued with a marriage certificate. It is important to keep this document in a safe place as you will probably need it from time to time throughout your life. It is possible... More Info>>
Item # Cert
Vows Renewal of Vows
Many people have occasion to wish to renew their wedding vows - either because of a special anniversary or because they did not originally get married in church. We are very happy to perform... More Info>>
Item # Vows
Rehears Rehearsal
    A rehearsal will take place in Church a day or two before the wedding.     The bride and groom will need to come along and are usually accompanied by their parents and any... More Info>>
Item # Rehears
Banns Banns Of Marriage
In order to fulfil legal requirements Banns of Marriage need to be published on three consecutive Sundays within three months of the wedding.   This will take place here at the 10.00am Service... More Info>>
Item # Banns
Videoagree Video Agreement
GUIDANCE  NOTES   Your attention is drawn to the following matters:   1 ... More Info>>
Item # Videoagree
Bells Bells
It is normally possible to arrange for bellringers for your wedding although this may be more difficult in August or on a Friday due to holidays and work commitments. Once you have booked your wedding... More Info>>
Item # Bells
Fees Wedding Fees
WEDDINGS 2019                   May- September     October-April     Service with Organ
Service with Organ and Choir Service with... More Info>>
Item # Fees
  What do Christians believe about marriage?
Christians believe that marriage is a gift from God. In the marriage ceremony, a couple make a public declaration of lifelong commitment to love... More Info>>
Item # FAQs
Book Booking your wedding
If you wish to book a wedding you should come along to Vestry Hour: VESTRY HOUR—FOR BOOKING CHRISTENINGS, WEDDINGS ETC Saturday mornings, 10.00—11.00 am.  You will be assured of a warm... More Info>>
Item # Book
Vid Video Recording
There are strict laws regarding the use of video equipment to record weddings and other services in church. Please take some time to study the information here and be aware of the additional costs involved... More Info>>
Item # Vid
Photo Photographs
Of course you will want to have a photographer present at your wedding. The right to permit photography in Church is at all times the prerogative of the Rector and he will permit one official or nominated... More Info>>
Item # Photo
Flow Flowers
The ladies of the Flower Guild provide two flower arrangements for each weekend (except during Lent), one at the High Altar and the other in the Lady Chapel.       If you wish... More Info>>
Item # Flow
Read Suggested Readings
You will need to choose at least one reading for your wedding service. This is a list of suitable Bible passages of different lengths. Have a close look at them and decide which you feel is the most appropriate... More Info>>
Item # Read
Hymn Wedding Music
Music is a very important part of your wedding service. We have an excellent organist who will be happy to discuss your wedding music with you. You may wish to book the choir - to do so please contact... More Info>>
Item # Hymn

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